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Storage Problems & Solutions

Problem: Finding a place for bikes where you wonít knock them over or whack them with your car door.

Solution: StorageGearís bike sports kit including a bike hook, a helmet hook and a small basket for miscellaneous items like water bottles & gloves.

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Problem: Heaps of tools and sports gear strewn all over the garage.

Solution: Explore StorageGearís family of product kits designed to meet the storage needs for a variety of sports paraphernalia and lawn & garden tools.

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To store larger items overhead check out our ceiling storage hoists and racks.

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About US - Storage Gear

Storage Gear was formed by two professional storage installation contractors with years of experience designing and installing custom storage systems for both residential & commercial applications.

Recognizing the huge potential of the do-it-yourself homeowner market, our contractors set about to create a direct channel for commercial grade storage products for your home. The result is, where you can buy the best storage products available at internet prices.

NEW!!! Try our custom design service. Know what you want but not sure how it will all play together? Contact Us to arrange for a computer generated 3D design layout.

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